About us


BES House of Chicken is a 24-hour Filipino fast food chain known for its signature fried chicken cooked in healthy herbs and spices.

Founded in 2018, BES House of Chicken is established from a grandfather’s unconditional love for his grandchildren whose all-time favorite is fried chicken. That love for kids blended with passion for cooking has become BES House of Chicken’s cornerstone for its growing fast food chain business.

Headquartered in Brgy. Sampaloc in Apalit, Pampanga, BES House of Chicken avers Respect, Teamwork and Good Values among our team members to give that highest level of Hospitality and Satisfaction to you - our valued customers.

At BES House of Chicken, we serve you our hearts with a smile.


Why us?


Food craving?
We serve the best here in BES House of Chicken!

Longing from Home?
Worry no more! we are passionate to deliver the comforts of your home here in BES House of Chicken!

We, in BES house of chicken, are committed to serving safe delicious and fresh or farm-to-table products. We use quality ingredients to ensure BES tasting foods.
Concentrating on chicken, we have a variety of flavors you want to choose from, including the unique blend of essential spices of Herb Roasted European Flavor, the aromatic and succulent Inasal Eastern Visayan Grilled Chicken, on the list is our House blend Fried Chicken influenced by South American flavor, our famous Crispy fried Chicken and a lot more.



BES House of Chicken is known for its generous servings of fried and grilled chicken dishes. We only use farm fresh chicken and healthy herbs and spices to achieve that satisfying taste and aroma which defines 'craving' and 'more'.

our product

BES House of Chicken is also known for its delicious and ‘addictive’ chicken gravy that is blended with secret ingredients and completes your 'finger licking' experience.


BES House of Chicken is not your typical fast food chain. Our restaurant offers you that homey feel in a fine dining set up. Not only that we serve good food but we also serve cleanliness because BES House of Chicken is definitely satisfaction guaranteed.

What you get from BES House of Chicken, you get ONLY at BES House of Chicken.

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